Manufacturing Facilities

We Manufacture

  • Turbine, Compressors, Booster and Exhauster Rotors.
  • Turbine Moving Blades and Nozzles.
  • Different Types of Turbine Diaphragms and Guide Blade Carriers.
  • Impellers for High-speed Compressors, Boosters and Exhausters MOP’S.
  • Axial compressor impeller.
  • Bull gear& pinion of gear box.
  • MOP SS Impellers.
  • FD and ID Fans Shafts & Impellers.
  • Steam Glands (Labyrinth seals in segments) and Oil seals.
  • Supply of Sealing Fins & Caulking Wire.
  • Turbine Journal Bearings, tilting pads and Thrust pads (Journal dia up to 900 mm).
  • Governing Assemblies like Control Valve Spindles, Valve Cones and Diffusers etc.
  • Servomotors, Governor Components, Parting Plane Bolts, Coupling Bolts, Spherical Washers, Ceramic Washers etc.
  • Heat Exchangers like Oil Coolers, Condensers and LP & HP Heaters.